Will the ink last for a long time?

It all comes down to the way you take care of these garments. But for the most part Direct to garment is set to be very durable. That’s why it’s very popular right now, because a lot of people noticed just how durable the print is and how detailed it remains even after washing it a few times. You rarely get something like that, which is what makes Direct to garment printing so good and convenient. If you’re looking to create outstanding, detailed and visually impressive shirts, then Direct to garment is by far one of the best printing methods for you. It’s not expensive, and you do receive a lot of value and quality for the money. This really goes to show the great attention to detail, one of a kind features and impressive experience you can get here. So yes, give it a shot and it will totally be worth it, especially if you want to create your own shirts to sell them on your store!

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