Screen Printing

Bulk/Group Orders, Specific Color Matching, Larger Variety of Products

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Screen printing is a technique that uses woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil. Open areas of the mesh let ink transfer through as a sharp-edged image. Best for 1-6 colored artwork and a minimum quantity of a dozen per color.


 What are the benefits of Screen Printing?

If you want to print shirts for an upcoming event or party, it’s a really good idea to check all possible options especially if you are on a tight budget. That’s where Screen Printing comes into play. The way Screen Printing works is you have a mesh that stretches over a frame. You have a negative of the design printed on the screen that will be put against the shirt, and once everything is set adequately, you roll ink over the screen and then you get to see the results. Although the process is a lot more complicated, it appears simple on the outside and the resulting prints do look amazing

Why should you use Screen Printing?

There are many reasons why Screen Printing is used by a lot of printing companies. The primary one is that you have reliability. This printing method is  using machines that are tested to run for hundreds of thousands of times without stopping. So if you do want to print tons of shirts, this is the right way to do it.
On top of that, the overall costs are not super high. Doing these in bulk lowers the costs quite a bit, and the best discount is achieved when you order a single design, as this speeds up the process quite a bit. In addition, you are free to choose whatever custom designs you want. You are in control when it comes to
creating whatever shirt design you want. The idea is that you take it, share it with our team and then we will bring that design to life in no time.

What about picture quality?

One of the main advantages of Screen Printing is that it delivers a really good image quality. This is a very flexible printing system, and it doesn’t damage the fabric at all. This means you get to be as creative as you want and the resulting print will always be as impressive as you want. Even if you choose to wash the shirt quite often, you won’t have to worry about the print wearing off and so on. Of course there will be some shirts that will have special requirements, but those mainly come from the shirt material and not the printing process itself. So there’s no need to worry, the picture quality will always be very good, especially if you work with a reputable Screen Printing company. Our team can easily bring your designs to life, and you can rely on us to provide a consistent, high quality for all your shirts. As you can see, Screen Printing is one of the best shirt printing methods out there. While it might be a bit complicated, it does have its fair share of great benefits, and you can start adapting and adjusting it to your own needs. But it’s safe to say that it can provide you with amazing results, and it’s not extremely expensive either. If you want to print shirts, don’t hesitate and access our Screen Printing service right away, we will be more than happy to assist!